before and after women weight loss

Before and After Women Weight Loss Success Stories

By observing inspiring Before and After Women Weight Loss Success Stories you will get the immense motivation to follow the keto diet yourself.

1. Before and After Success Stories – Keto Diet for Weight Loss in Women by Emily(1)

Meet Emily, a keto diet who suffers from numerous sclerosis. Since moving to Keto in 2017.

she has seen her MS stabilize, lost her weight.

 reversed type 2 diabetes, improved her energy levels.

Emily’s weight problems started when she began doing desk duties in her mid-20s. 

To bring her weight under control, consultants advised her to consume a “balanced” low-fat diet and count calories. 

And so, she turned on eating fat-free

  •  yogurt – breakfast,
  •  noodle soup – lunch, 
  •  pasta – dinner.

Even though Emily attended her doctor’s advice and took off to the gym three times per week.

she still strived to lose weight. 

Before and After Success Stories – Keto Diet for Weight Loss in Women by Emily is motivational.

Not only that, but some of her doctors even went,

As far as to indict her of not prevailing credible about what she was consuming.

Emily said- It looked like I was feeling my lack of courage,

It was an identity flaw.

At the age of 30, Emily saw that some of her colleagues were eligible to lose weight by consuming low carb. 

This excited her interest, and she began the diet and lost 30 pounds (14 kg) easily. 

Nonetheless, shortly after she found out she was pregnant –

And her doctors notified against going low carb, wishing.

As conclusion, Emily moved back to her old way of eating. 

Emily with her Weight Loss Journey with Other Diseases:

Within a quick while, she was analyzed with gestational diabetes,

A situation in which her blood sugar levels are high at the time of pregnancy. 

Then she formulated gestational diabetes with her second and third pregnancies,

And like various women who have been gathered with this type of diabetes.

She began again to gain weight and came to be increasingly depressed.

Emily said-

I realized that gestational diabetes was a danger factor for later expanding type 2 diabetes.

 But I did not understand how to react to it.

Emily’s Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

In 2014, Emily began experiencing neurological symptoms such as numbness and tingling in her legs.

 At first, the doctors noticed that she blamed these issues on her weight,

And did not attempt to investigate further. 

However, nine months after the symptoms worsened,

His doctors referred him to a neurologist.

 At the same time, she was interpreted with Multiple Sclerosis (MS),

A disabling disorder that ambushed the central nervous system.

Although she was put on medication, the disease continued for years. 

She felt intrigued, but she was not encouraged to change her lifestyle at the time. 

The disease made her very fatigued.

In December 2016, Emily unexpectedly lost the proficiency to regulate her feet during a shopping journey. 

When she struggled to build a slightly higher sidewalk, she could not. 

Emily said-

It was awful. I had to call my husband to assist bring me home.

This incident served as her wake-up call and made her realize,

That she needed to make a major change in her lifestyle.

Starting a keto diet:

Although Emily spent some time researching the keto diet,

She did not officially start eating low carb until June of 2017.

Long after starting, she began to see results. 

Most notably, Emily’s ability to concentrate improved. 

Constant brain fog had made him disappear for years. 

Emily said-

 I ever tried to read a long look at spreadsheets or articles. 

Three weeks of beginning Keto, I was got on.

And I received a lot of energy.

Emily’s blood sugar levels also improved. 

Before going to Keto, his blood work came back showing that his blood sugar was in the diabetes range. 

To her surprise, after just five months on the same test, Keito returned to normal and healthy.

Emily still raised blood sugar slightly in the morning. 

This is a well-known phenomenon called the Dawn incident.

What was Emily’s Struggles between Keto and Diabetes?

Emily said-

I have an endless glucose monitor and an assistant low-carb consultant,

Who set up a low-carb doctor page I found on the Mclean Health,

So it’s simple for me to test with my diet.

During her initial year on Keto, Emily missed 60 pounds (27 kg). 

To a huge length, she says it to sustain a formal diet when it arrives at her diet.

 In her last low-carb efforts, she made the error of thinking that the carb-rich medication would not send her off the fences. 

Keto assists Emily’s M.S.

People with MS occasionally knowledge bursts, which are episodes when prevailing indications worsen or are entirely new.

Since Keto’s stay, Emily says that she hasn’t had a single glow. 

And although she still experiences mild symptoms,

Her doctors say there is no evidence that the disease has progressed.

“I still experience symptoms of MS. 

For example, my left leg always sleeps. 

Looks like I wear a toe separator, similar to the one you use when pedicuring. 

But MRIs show no progression of the disease, and it was progressing rapidly at first, ”Emily said.

Over the past two winters, Emily’s doctor turned her away from her MS medication,

This is to reduce her risk of contracting the flu during the winter months. 

The medication she takes suppresses the immune system,

Meaning it puts people like Emily, who suffers from MS,

At a higher risk of developing serious complications from the flu.

This year as the epidemic expanse around the world,

Emily’s neurologist permitted her to eliminate her MS medication. 

She said her doctors are relatively skilled,

And still watch her closely to see if the disorder progresses.

What was Emily’s Struggles between Keto and Diabetes?

But since her medication stopped, my opinion is better,

And she is much less worried about the epidemic.

Emily’s approach to eating keto

Emily’s low-carb diet hasn’t altered much since she early went to Keto in 2017.

These days, she cooks simple meals (with little ingredients) and tries to stay away from baking keto treats. 

Before and After Success Stories – Keto Diet for Weight Loss in Women by Emily is inspiring for everyone who wants to lose weight.

Even though she consumes very plain diets, they taste incredible because she utilizes only good components.

As a supporter of Keto, Emily steps out at breakfast – a fraction of the routine she enjoys.

She has never lived greedily in the morning,

So it’s an enormous relief to hear that she doesn’t have breakfast on the keto diet.

Sometimes, she begins her day with cream and coffee. 

She usually consumes her first meal of eggs with truffle salt or eggs around 1 pm.

Later in the evening, she has dinner with her family, which is usually,

  •  a protein, 
  • low-carb vegetable, and delicious homemade sauce or salty dressing. 

Emily’s Favourite Keto Recipes:

You will see Emily’s favorite Keto Recipe below:

  • Keto Avocado Eggs with Bacon Pal-1 gram
  • Keto french quiche-5g
  • Buttery Harrisa Shrimp Skewer-2g
  • Fried salmon with asparagus and 5-minute hollandaise-3g
  • Steak and Veggie Kebabs-14g
  • The Keto Asian Meatballs with Thai Basil Sauce-9g
  • Keto Thai chicken lettuce wraps-5 g
  • The Keto Caesar Salad-4 g
  • Keto chicken casserole-7 g
  • The Keto pizza crust-3 g
  • Classic pesto-2 g
  • Keto lemon coating cake with

mascarpone frosting and lemon curd-3 g

Emily says her path of eating “sluggish healthy keto”. 

She evaluates track what expanded consuming but is relatively special about the components she uses. 

For example, she eats grass-fed meats,

And wild-caught fish but evaluates allow seed oils and supplements in her diet,

And she barely uses unnatural sweeteners.

When Emily first started eating keto, she purchased a big freezer for her garage. 

This has facilitated her cooking procedure and conserved her a lot of time. 

Emily said-

I would advise anyone to cook vast batches and conserve [them] in the freezer.

As for the workout, Emily doesn’t feel that it’s essential for weight loss while on keto. 

Her MS greatly inhibited her from exercising during her weight-loss trip,

And it hasn’t been an obstacle to her achievement.

She still thinks that there are advantages to rolling,

And she’s started exercising a bit more as she’s received healthier.

Before and After Success Stories – Emily’s Top Keto Tips for Weight Loss in Women?

Understand the science behind keto. 

Teach yourself with Diet Doctor videos, books, and podcasts. 

If you don’t understand the basic science behind keto,

And its probable advantages, it’s easy to

  • permit doctors,
  • nutritionists,
  • and even friends,

to discuss you out of it.

Emily worries about the primacy of planning. 

She ever pays an hour on Saturdays planning meals for the forthcoming week.

 She informs people to often have something keto-friendly to eat at home in case they get greedy —

And to ready for what you’ll eat during social occasions along with time.

One point at a time. 

Only concentrate on stopping carbs and consuming sufficient to stay full in the starting. 

Earlier you’ve won that, you can fine-tune aspects like macros and fasting.

1. Before and After Success Stories – Keto Diet for Weight Loss in Women by Lillian(2)

Keto is a life changer!

 She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2014, which forced her to undergo some major health changes.

 Read about how he lost over 75 pounds on the keto diet and is not looking back! Woo hoo!

How did you first discover Keto?

By happy accident, I started practicing the Keto lifestyle back in 2014 – even before the word “Keto” was there, it is today. 

I was at the time, 75+ lbs overweight, and feeling very unwell.

My chest felt tight all the time and I was not able to breathe properly. 

Fearing a heart attack, I went for a thorough health checkup. 

The reasonable information was that I did not have heart disease. 

The terrible news was that I had diabetes type 2.

The doctor immediately put me on Janumet and told me,

That if I could not find a way to lose the extra weight,

I could host other serious health issues as a result of diabetes. 

Ultimately, this would be the catalyst for how I discovered the Keto path.

Do you count macros / calories / etc?

Do I count macros? Well, I hate maths… always.

 It depresses me and gives me panic attacks. then no.

 I never tracked macros or calories.

However, when I began, I read a lot on the topic of ketogenic. 

I worked that as long as I could figure out the right amount of meat protein I ate each day, 

And use that as my cornerstone,

I would be able to figure out the number of clean carbs and fat,

That I would And he would definitely throw me into a deep diet.

The only thing I measure weight is my meat protein. 

And this is only when I am resetting my one-time annual keto.

Are you a strict keto or a lazy keto?

I deeply believe that we need to practice very clean/strict keto at the beginning of our keto journey.

Before and After Success Stories – Keto Diet for Weight Loss in Women by Lillian is Very Inspiring.

 Only after we have trained ourselves to live fully and understand the stringent keto rules,

We can only know how to break them safely from time to time without hindrance.

A longer keto cleansing practice, stronger and more efficient will be a fat adaptation. 

Lazy Keto is fine once in a while, but for,

  • successful,
  •  quick,
  •  healthy weight loss 
  • weight maintenance,

 clean/hard keto is the golden key.

Do you include intermittent fasting in your lifestyle?

This may be a sensitive topic, but it is interesting that 95% of the keto community,

Believes that you must practice intermittent fasting to succeed on the keto diet

This is simply not true.

Don’t get me wrong. 

I encourage 1000% wholehearted fasting so that autism, better cognitive function, controlling blood sugar levels, etc. 

The many benefits of intermittent fasting are incredible.

However, I personally would never promote IF as a weight-loss tool –

Especially during the initial 5 weeks when someone starts their keto weight loss journey.

One of the important functions of the Keto diet,

This is to reset our static metabolic ratio,

And accomplish it again at optimal levels. 

I think teaching IF in the early stages of the keto diet sends mixed information to the body,

And it will rebound in the long run.

My personal advice is if you want to avoid IF until 5 weeks after practicing clean keto. 

Why 5 weeks? 

Because it takes the least time for proper metabolic repetition to occur.

How would one day feel for your meal?

My way of eating keto is very straightforward and simple.

  •  Every day, I start my morning with 1/4 cup of water with 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.
  •  Then I drink another 500 ml of water with my vitamins and supplements.
  •  Breakfast is always made of 2 eggs any way I like.
  • There is always meat or fish and vegetables at lunch and dinner. 
  • The meat I choose is always fresh and should look like part of the animal from which it came. 
  • I stay away from deli ham and sausage and other processed meats.
  • Usually, I like to pan-fry or saute my food with butter or coconut oil.
  • Seasoning with tastes, herbs, and Maldon sea salt flakes. 
  • I also include a lot of homemade bone broth in my diet.
  •  Sometimes I will use liquid amino and fish sauce, but other than that, I do not use any other store-bought bottled sauces or spices.

What helps you stay on track?

I would say that practicing cyclical nutritional ketosis (carb loading/carb cycling) has helped me stay on track easily for the last 5 years. 

Every week or two, I practice clean, low glycemic, non-junk, carb-loading.

It helps me curb my carb craving and enables me to stick to my keto diet for a long time. 

It keeps my hormones balanced and helps me maintain a healthy weight and look my best.

My guidance is to stay until you have an entire and strong fat adaptation (at least 3 months) until you begin exercising carb loading.

Any advice for those starting on keto or working hard for it?

To do everything always requires sacrifice in some form or the other. 

If it was easy to lose weight, everyone would have success.

 Remind yourself every day why you first started on this Keto journey.

Sticking to clean/hard keto may seem difficult at first, but it will become much easier as time progresses. 

Once you can see the results, you will become more determined to move forward towards your goal. believe me. 

Weight loss and change will come very fast, provided you are doing it correctly.

Always remember that you are either in ketosis or outside of it.

 There is no such thing as ‘sort that ketosis’. 

So please make sure you do not cheat. 

Whatever your personal story, find out your fuel source.

 Tap into it, and keep that fire burning.

1. Before and After Success Stories – Keto Diet for Weight Loss in Women by Tulika(3)

Tulika says that I have normalized my weight, now I do daily workouts to maintain my stamina and keep myself fit.

 Now you make me feel strong.

People keep getting advice on all kinds of diet plans and workouts regarding weight loss. 

Sometimes it becomes dangerous in some cases. 

Before and After Success Stories – Keto Diet for Weight Loss in Women by Tulika is phenomenal.

Because people do not know what their body capacity is,

And what type of diet plan to follow and how much workout to do.

In the stories of weight loss,

You read and know most of the celebrity stories.

But you do not know what steps a common person should take. 

The lifestyle of a celebrity is very different from a normal person.

Today we are going to tell you about the weight loss of a normal woman,

Who has lost 35 kg from her 9-month diet and workout plan. 

We are talking about Tulika Singh who is also a counselor. 

Tulika deals with depression and weight loss.

Tulika’s Weightloss Journey is also special,

Because she started this extremely difficult task when she is also the mother of a 7-year-old child. 

She says that it was not so easy for me but I follow the path wherever I want and I was successful in it.

She says that today I have hundreds of people who take my counseling service for weight loss. 

You can find out what diet plan Tulika adopted for her weight loss. 

 shared what Tulika’s daily workout plan was.

Tulika’s Before and After – Keto Diet Plan for Weight Loss in Women:

  • Beginning of the morning, adding fennel water to honey
  • 4 soaked almonds after 20 minutes
  • Oats at breakfast honey to taste with milk. An apple and grin tea.
  • Mead time snacks include a bowl of any fruit such as papaya, berries, or melon.
  • Multi grand oatmeal at lunch, a spoonful of desi ghee, and a bowl of yogurt with whole moong and vegetables.
  •  4 Walnuts and Green Tea after 20 minutes of lunch
  • Evening Breakfast – Roasted Chana and Green Tea / or Regular Tea
  • Dinner grilled vegetables with apple smoothie such as carrots, cabbage, tomatoes
  • Or 100 grams of pineapple smoothie and only grilled cheese with oats
  • Lemonade with honey before bed

Special features of the diet plan:

  • Rock salt instead of ordinary salt
  • Use of honey in place of sugar
  • Olive oil or mustard oil instead of refined oil
  • One teaspoon of desi ghee daily
  • 4-6 liters of water daily
  • No fridge items consumed
  • Eating freshly cooked food
  • Use of potable water instead of the fridge

Before and After Tulika’s Weight Loss Plan for Women:

Tulika says that initially I used to walk 6-7 km with my diet plan and would do dance classes 3 days a week.

 I was doing all this to raise my lost stamina.

The above diet plan included walking,

And dancing along with getting down and climbing stairs. 

By doing all this, my weight had reduced by 15 kg,

And now it was not getting much less.

 Then I had to join the gym for a workout.

My focus was always on weight loss, so my workout in the gym was also the same. 

I used to do Crossfit, cardio, and some floor exercises.

Initially, I did not do any weight lifting exercise but when I lost 10 kg I added it to increase my stamina.

6 days a week, I follow different exercises in the gym.

  • Exercise for two days, legs. Like leg extension
  • Two days, I do wet exercises. Which is for hands, feet, shoulders.
  • One day, kicks, boxing, and some advanced exercises.
  • One day, I do a workout to keep the belly area fit.

Tulika says that during exercise I have to eliminate one liter of water with two lemons. 

Before exercising, I like to have black coffee which gives me energy for exercise. 

I always take green tea after exercise.

Tulika says that I have normalized my weight,

Now I do daily workouts to maintain my stamina and keep myself fit.

 Now you make me feel strong.

I hope you like this Before and After Success Stories – Keto Diet for Weight Loss in Women.

Thank You So Much!

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