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Keto Diet Before and After – Amazing Success Stories

In this article, we will discuss some of the Keto Diet Before and After – Amazing Success Stories associated with common people like us.

Many people in the world have made significant improvements in their lives by following the keto diet properly.

These stories will be a source of inspiration,

And guidance for you if you also want to adopt a keto diet.

Many interesting and mysterious stories,

That have been tried to cover in this article.

Here, some real story shares with lightly edited for more clarity.

Story of Paul(1)

Paul is a big enthusiast of the LCHF- keto diet. 

He subtracted FAT to his low-carb diet when Every factor of his life enhanced,

  • Cognitive simplicity, 
  • Elevated energy levels, 
  • weight loss. 

Bad sleep, sugar-prepared food, and the need to eat every 30 minutes- he never wants to go back.

 Here he explained his story:

I began having difficulties regulating weight and food intake about 20 years ago.

And over time I strived to lose weight “white knuckle” dieting, and counting calories. 

I had several achievements with it, but the weight ever came back the reason,

Because I was ignorant of the outcome that my body comprised of,

  • grains, 
  • sugar, 
  •  starch.

 I didn’t know how miserable the circumstance was and I was sad.

Though I had an extremely healthy experience on the keto diet ten years ago,

I was unfamiliar with science and was worried about fat intake.

 Overcoming this has changed my life. 

It all made sense when a friend of mine told me about the keto diet a few years ago,

Which motivates me to start researching science on the web.

This was what I needed to see the way forward. 

I was missing the key element in all this that faced me all along, and that is FAT. 

So I decided to go for it, after all, I was dying of a heart attack from sugar, so why not fat…?

Well, after a few weeks of fatigue and headaches (a small price to pay for what to do next),

My body then switched to fully burning fat (keto optimized),

And I can say that I rocketed. 

Flew like Now everything is better, with 

  • amazing energy levels, 
  • skin irritation is cleared, 
  • sleep is improved a lot, 
  • no more fatigue, self-consciousness or depression, 
  • heartburn, 
  • acid reflux,

 and all good The way it is felt is indescribable. 

My sense is steady and I feel so harmonious and attentive day in and day out.

Falling weight is why I began it in the first place,

But I have since set up that every area of ​​my life has enhanced,

And reducing weight is a part of this incredible change.

 With major modifications in mental health.

I am presently 17 weeks into this and the probability of retreating to,

  • processed sugar 

supermarket –

  • food, 
  • bread, 
  • cakes 

appears less and less.

 It’s just not worth it. 

And without the instinct/compulsion affected by sugar and insulin spikes.

I no higher need those foods in my existence. 

I am consuming 

  • coconut oil, 
  • fish,  
  • butter, 
  • nuts, 
  • meat, 
  • veg,
  •  bacon 
  • eggs, 
  • strawberries 
  • cream, 

Did I start liking the Before(fat) and After(fit) journey in Keto Diet?

I am liking it and can occasionally go 24 hours without even imagining about food,

Other than being surprised,

And I don’t think like consuming every 30 minutes.

  • I run 1.5 miles every 2 days, 
  • Cycling 5 miles every other day, and
  •  I also sometimes run the kettlebell in the morning,

 but I am not running out of the exercise.

 This is another way to help me feel great.

 I see various people out there who are slaves to those toxic sugary diets,

Who are ignorant of LCHF, and this is a fraud. 

However, I try to tell people about it,

But I have to return to get so excited,

And I am conscious of coming across as a hardcore nutritional case.

If only they knew how good complete ketosis sounds. 

However, all I can say is that the sooner you start,

The sooner you will be better off seeing, feeling,

And thinking than you do now.

There is a footnote to all of this, 

I am an alcoholic drinker for over 20 years,

And it is my opinion (which you are free to disregard your desire),

That in controlling carbohydrates and sugar.

My disability is in some way connected,

Or is one of the same issues that I had alcohol on. 

And this is, if I start, I can’t stop and the same applies to both carbs and drinking.

It is all on the mind and mood, not to mention the effect.

 It makes me think that I can warrant a different article so I won’t,

But I want to mention it here because I think it’s important.

Story of Dita de winter(2)

Dita had been dieting for 45 years, attempting all the diets from there,

But she did not get the outcomes she needed.

She explained her keto diet story.

My name is Dita de Winter.

I am 64 years old.

My height is 158 cm (5’2 ″).

I live in the Netherlands.

However, I began dieting the first time when I was about 17 years old,

After an observation someone said me about my figure. 

I have ever been on a diet and attempted various ones. 

Weight Watchers to –

  •  Calorie-Restricted Diet, 
  • Bread Diet, Shake, 
  • Low-Fat Diet. 

Too many, and in the end, I have never been successful in keeping the weight off,

Or losing weight in specific areas. 

My legs and especially my thighs have always been a major problem. 

No matter how much I tried, I never lost weight in these areas. 

This was also the first area to lose weight when I paid attention to my diet. 

Overall, I have been dieting for 45 years. 

I always tried to stay below the maximum weight of 80 kg (176 lb). 

For me, that was a limit.

However, in early 2017 I reached 80.7 kg (178 lb), which worried me. 

With pain in my ankles, knees, and hips due to arthritis, 

I knew that in the end, I would have to make a final effort to lose weight. 

I had a puppy at the time,

So I knew I wanted to walk hopefully for many years to come,

And hopefully without pain.

What I gave up in the journey in Before(fat) and After(fit) journey in Keto Diet?

So I gave up eating

  •  sweets,
  •  baked goods, 
  • everything fat, 
  •  less meat. 

After ten months I had lost 10 kg (22 lb). 

My legs were a bit less thick, but still, they didn’t change much.

 I began feeling unhappy to read an article in my newspaper about a high-fat diet, a low carbohydrate.

The recipes are awesome. 

I put out them for simple use,

And I did a 2-week keto challenge which was so simple to stick to. 

I have never eaten such a good and satisfying meal in my entire diet history. 

Along with the keto diet, I started losing weight in such an easy way,

I could not believe my eyes every day that I stepped on the scale.

 Over the next five months, mind you five months, I lost another 13 kg (29 lb).

In total, I have lost 24 kg (52 lb) and I will never regain them! 

Because I had lost almost all my weight in the winter months while walking around in my winter coat.

What happened after weight loss in Before(fat) and After(fit) journey in Keto Diet?

It was a surprise to so many people when I, for the first time,

Rolled my dog into my t-shirt and pants. 

I received a lot of compliments and I can tell you that I never did that.

Now I weigh 57 kg (127 lb), my arthritis is no longer haunting me. 

I always wear it the way I loved it.

If I like it, I don’t need to worry, because for the first time in life it makes me feel good!

 I could not buy ready-made jeans for more than 20 years,

Because the ratio between the waist and thighs never fit.

 I had to make them myself.

The circumference of my thigh is reduced to 20 cm (8 in)! 

Can anyone think what happened to me? 

I always felt my thighs “burning” when I moved around.

 I knew that everyone was looking at my thighs. 

They are still slightly larger than most people, but 20 cm is incredible!

 I never managed to lose weight from my thighs and the fat with the keto diet just melted.

I also,

  • Maintain blood pressure, 
  • sugar tested. 
  • My bad cholesterol was low and my good cholesterol was very good,
  •  there was no fat in my blood,
  • Which made me realize that this is the right path for me.

The year 2018 started very well for me due to this diet,

But there is no problem in maintaining it. 

Thank you so much to the Diet Doctor again every day for your inspiration.

Keto diet story of Andrew Kam in Before(fat) and After(fit) journey in Keto Diet(3)

Andrew Kam is a realist. 

At the age of 27, he is old enough to know that there is no magic pill,

That will make you happy, and there will be no quick fix to get healthy.

So he is not letting go of the fact that he has lost 90 pounds in 10 months by the keto diet.

Because he knows the hardest part of his weight loss change –

Keeping it closed for life – is still ahead.

He said – That was the first moment I actually began being self-conscious about my size.

As a kid, Low noticed that he was ever elderly than other children.

Kam told – 

My firstest memory is to remember that I was overweight in primary school. 

At the time, his mother went to purchase him a T-shirt he wanted for the orchestra. 

The baby’s XL is no longer fit – instead, he had to wear an adult grown-up.

He said – 

I feel this was the first time I certainly started to become self-conscious about my size.

Though he was elderly, work weight problems became involved during the freshman year of college,

When his mother expired after battling cancer.

 He also said-

It was a bad time in my life.

It disappoints me a lot.

Kam went for medication to deal with his suffering and other mental fitness problems. 

But when he began consuming foods that helped him,

His physical fitness was severely affected.

 In a way, he ate the diets he could regulate.

He was already overweight by the time he graduated – 

and it did not assist him to get into the job, evacuating him sitting at the desk for hours.

What I didn’t Realize in Before(fat) and After(fit) journey in Keto Diet?

He explained –

I just thump the balloon until the mid-300s. 

I didn’t truly realize, because I wasn’t weighing myself.

Now that I had money.

I could consume some good things.

I began drinking because I was put out of work.

 Hence, I only flew balloons until the mid-300s, 

I didn’t realize, because I wasn’t weighing myself. 

I was enjoying life.

But then, at the age of 24,

He saw some images of himself from trips with friends,

And no longer perceived the person he saw in the image. 

It was like, holy shit, what happened?”

At that time, he chose to go big or go home on weight loss. 

Kam was eligible to lose a ton of weight rapidly through restrictive eating and curbing his calorie intake. 

But, once he lost weight, Kam said, he came to be very happy.

I said- 

 I am giving to reward myself one day a week.’

 And then it ballooned again, 

I think it was a fraction of the entire knowledge system for me.

 It’s not a crash course where you’re decent after three or four months. 

It’s like a lifelong modification.

Ten months ago, he got the power to try again. 

This time, no strategy – just hard work, commitment,

And a shifted perspective on what the health journey really looks like.

Across the course of a year,

Kam started lifting weights four days a week in a gym doing formal course exercises. 

Then expanded twist classes three days a week. 

And although he likes to exercise,

Kam understands that healthy food also plays an important role in weight loss.

What will never work in Before(fat) and After(fit) journey in Keto Diet?

He said-

Eat whatever you like and think, ‘I’m taking off to run 10 miles just to get it off.

You’re not taking off to lose any weight.

It’s really how you fuel your body. 

The way he ate and focused on moving his body more was able to drop the work from 347 pounds to 259.

What ketogenic diet is to fuel for me and how I turned my journey before(fat) and after(fit) the journey of Keto Diet:

  • This means that he typically consumes 60 to 80 percent of his total calories from fat,
  •  10 to 15 percent from protein, 
  •  just 10 percent from carbs. 

At least the first admit that it may not be for everyone, but it works for them. 

(If you want to try the Keto diet, be sure to be aware of these side effects first.)

And although he has worked hard for his weight loss,

Kama is also proud that his blood pressure has dropped to a healthy level.

He has gained more from his journey than a new body. 

Also, he has got a new outlook in the dating game.

He explained –

The way I appreciate eating is because it permits me to cook more.

Girls affection when a man can cook.

And, best of all, Kama clarified that he is able to find something inside himself as nicely.

Story of Katrin(4)

Low carb and high fat, success stories, weight loss

Katrin was diagnosed as very obese and suffered from several health issues.

 She had tried many different diets over the years, but nothing worked for a long time.

 We met up with Katrin on a low carb cruise 2018 for an interview. 

Here’s also how Katrin ended the Low Carb Cruise in her own words:


My name is Kat.

I was invited by my colleague Jimmy Moore as my guest at Low Carb Cruise.

 Hence, I am very delighted! 

I am enthusiastic to understand and share with others in the amazing corroborating low / carb/keto community.

I am convinced it will be a remarkable happening!

To say that switching to a low carb changed my life because it saved my life!

I was diagnosed as being grossly obese, cutting scales at 307 pounds (139 kg).

However, I had high blood pressure which the doctor could not control even with two different medicines.

And I was analyzed with,

  •  PCOS,
  •  metabolic syndrome, 
  • insulin spikes, 
  • low thyroid function, 
  •  sleep apnea. 

I could fly up the stairs without air and I was constantly tired. 

I knew that I was on my way to diabetes, heart attack, stroke,

And early death if I didn’t make a serious change in my life.

 Hence, I tried a low carb or keto diet.

I had tried every diet under the sun for years,

Only to find cravings for sugar and carbs would be so heavy,

I could not live long to see real success.

What I felt and how I turned my journey before(fat) and after(fit) the journey of Keto Diet:

 I felt that I am a failure, but then I started researching low carb,

And I realized that maybe I was not a failure,

But a previous diet failed me.

So, I started my low carb and to my amazement,

My craving for sugar and carbs started disappearing. 

Believed to me and I can accomplish it! 

Craving, that had moved out of control, had suddenly faded.

I had turned on to feel well over the years.

However, my cognitive simplicity boosted, my fatigue started to fade away, my energy status increased.

In the year and a half,

 Using the keto diet, I missed 150 pounds (68 kg).

My high blood unraveled itself normally.

I was capable to get all high blood pressure medications. 

And all my other diseases resolved themselves as well!

I not only lost weight but restored my healthy eating in this way. 

And, I have lost weight for a year with my low carb/keto eating method.

People ask me all the time how I lost weight and I am always happy to share my story. 

I hope that my journey can inspire and inspire others to change lives,

And health by switching to a low carb or keto diet.

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