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Navigating healthy eating on the go can be challenging at the best of times so you’d be forgiven for relying on widely available snacks that are marked up as being “natural”, or made using “whole” ingredients.

They’ve got to be good for you, right?

But one such snack bar, sold and celebrated for its 100% natural ingredients has been pulled up over its advertising, amidst claims that its ingredients aren’t quite as natural as they may, at first glance, seem.

The snack in question? The Go Ahead! Goodness Bar. Despite being branded as containing “100% natural ingredients”, following a review by the Advertising Standard Agency (ASA), the health claims have been deemed misleading.

Time to read that label.

Dates. Fine. Oats. Yup. Nuts. All good. Sunflower oil… Reduced-fat cocoa powder… Not so sure. And, neither was the ASA. According to the watchdog it’s these last two ingredients that are not playing ball as, although everyday items, most consumers would regard them as being unnatural.

United Biscuits, which owns the Go Ahead! brand, argued that neither the sunflower oil nor the reduced-fat cocoa powder had undergone any chemical processing and that both were made using traditional methods, but the ASA felt that when it comes to the term “natural”, the ingredients should be, well, natural.

The best way to swerve this situation? Although the bar itself hasn’t been banned – just its advertising – why not play keep a stash of homemade healthy snacks such as these protein bars in your bag anyway. At least that way you’re in complete control over exactly how natural the food you’re eating is.

Looking for a healthier alternative to cocoa powder? Upgrade to cacao. The health benedits of raw cacao over chocolate are well noted. 

You eat natural but do you clean natural? Stock up on these natural beauty products and you can rest easy.


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