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You might remember hearing a few months ago that there was a worldwide shortage of chickpeas. Yep.

It’s the nation’s new favourite dip, steaming past more traditional ketchup and mayo. Brits get through 12,000 tonnes a year and as a result, it’s costing you 29% more than this time last year.

And what’s not to love? Chickpeas, the main ingredient in the Mediterranean dip, are a great source of protein and fibre which can help curb cravings and balance blood sugar levels. It’s a great pre- or post-workout snack. A great vegan hack for meat-free eaters? Add a spoonful of hummus to your healthy dinner ideas and you can up your protein intake daily.

But given just how many there are available on the market—Tesco has over 21 varieties—no one wants to be spending on a pot that doesn’t deliver.

WH’s taste testing besties at Good Housekeeping scoured the shelves of the supermarkets, trying 10 different brands to find you the best hummus full of flavour, with a citrus kick and smooth texture. The good news? The winner was just 65p.

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1. Lidl Meadow Fresh Classic Houmous, 7.8/10



Delicious tangy flavour with a lovely citrus finish. It’s got a great texture – fine and smooth with a bit of bite.

2. Sainsbury’s Houmous, 7.8/10



Sainsbury’s Houmous costs £1.35 for 230g. This is a Greek-style dip made with chickpeas and sesame seeds.

This hummus is smooth with a strong, fresh garlic flavour. There is a rich tahini smell with a good citrus bite. Some tasters found a slight bitter aftertaste.

3. Tesco Houmous, 7.6/10



The Tesco Houmous costs £1.20 for 200g. It’s made with chickpeas, sesame seed paste, lemon juice and garlic.

Delicious creamy texture with a lemony tang and fresh garlic flavour. A little too salty for some of our testers.

4. Asda Houmous, 7.5/10



The Asda Houmous costs £1.40 for 310g. It’s made with a twist of lemon.

A great example of good hummus. It’s really well seasoned with a welcome acidic finish. Cumin and garlic both come through in the taste.

5. Morrisons Classic Houmous, 7.4/10



The Morrisons Classic Houmous costs £1.20 for 200g. It is a dip made with chickpeas, sesame seed paste, lemon juice and garlic.

Quite nutty but with a slightly bitter, sharp citrus kick. The lumps of chickpea add texture to this hummus.

6. Ocado Houmous, 7/3/10



The Ocado Houmous costs £1.21 for 200g. It’s a blend of chickpeas and sesame seed paste with garlic.

We love the fabulous lemony zing. There’s a great texture, it’s smooth and creamy but still with some bite. There’s a slightly bitter taste.

7. Netto Bon Appetit Houmous, 6.9/10



The Netto Bon Appetit Houmous costs 55p for 200g. It contains four servings and is suitable for vegetarians.

Very creamy with a touch of nuttiness, but could do with a little more tang. There’s a pleasing smooth texture.

8. Aldi the Deli Houmous, 6.7/10



The Aldi the Deli Houmous costs 65p for 200g. It’s made with chickpeas, sesame seed paste, lemon juice and garlic.

This hummus has a lovely smooth texture. With a strong taste of tahini, there’s a slight roasted nut flavour.

9. Marks & Spencer Extra Virgin Olive Oil Houmous, 6.5/10



The Marks & Spencer Houmous Extra Virgin Olive Oil Houmous costs £2 for 200g. It’s made with chickpeas, sesame tahini, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and garlic.

Really smooth and creamy. It’s made with extra virgin olive oil, which is a nice bonus but overpowers the other very subtle flavours.

10. Sabra Houmous Classic, 5.9/10



The Sabra Houmous Classic is made in Israel. It costs £1.99 for 200g and is suitable for vegetarians.

It’s incredibly smooth and creamy. With a strong tahini flavour with an authentic taste, it’s slightly milder in flavour than some.

This article originally appeared on Good Housekeeping.


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