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Tips in Weight Loss – The Ultimate Guide

Knowing about the Ultimate tips in Weight Loss will get you closer to your dream of being fit and healthy via diet and exercises.

Fastest Exercises and Tips in Weight Loss:

 Normally, all exercises ranging from walking to swimming to lifting weights to running aids weight loss.

Ideally, 150 minutes of exercise per week is recommended other,

Than the routine activities that come down at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.

For better results there are few exercises when performed in synchronization with a proper healthy diet can result in quick and healthy weight loss-

1. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as useful Tips in Weight Loss:

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) involves working out at a high speed at your maximum efforts for short intervals,

And resting for long intervals can help get more calorie burn.

It involves alternating between a period of high and low intensity. 

HIIT gives more burn than your routine long jog or an hour-long walk.

An example of HIIT training could be a short sprint up the staircase and a slow walk down. 

2. Strength Training as useful Tips in Weight Loss:

Weight training or strength training is your best friend if you wish to lose weight.

Strength training with weights or bodyweight gives you afterburn for almost 48 hours.

Besides, it helps to increase muscle thus resulting in fat loss.

Thus lift up those weights and see your body sculpting.

3. Suryanamaskar as useful Tips in Weight Loss:

Suryanamaskar is one of the yoga asanas.

It involves a series of 12 sequential poses.

It helps you to gain flexibility burn calories and fats and involves building muscles.

This is traditionally recommended for ages,

And has been practiced by many celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Celina Dion, etc. 

4. Zumba as useful Tips in Weight Loss-  

If you are someone who likes to dance, or your feet move to the tune then Zumba is something you should definitely try.

Zumba is a fitness exercise that has a mix of physical exercise,

And dance moves and with its upbeat music relieves stress and with it,

You also do some physical activity moves such as squats, leg raises, twist, and twirls and dance steps.

5. Running or Sprinting as useful Tips in Weight Loss:  

Running has by far proved to be an exercise that helps burn calories,

But if you are running short of time sprinting is something that is suitable for you.

Sprinting basically involves running at a usually high speed which results in a rapid burn.

6. Swimming as useful Tips in Weight Loss-  

Splashing water, enjoying the water games or just a casual swim or a backstroke whatever is your game,

Swimming works on each muscle group of your body it works your whole body out.

It can result in a calorie burn of up to 500-700 calories per hour.

You can practice it individually or it can be accompanied by walking, running as well.

So go and splash some water and burn those calories out.

7. Abs Workout as useful Tips in Weight Loss-  

Working out abs by even doing some crunches or leg raises or holding planks,

And working the core involves a great workout for the body.

It strengthens the muscles of thighs, butts, and back.

8. Cardio as useful Tips in Weight Loss:  

Cardio activity ranging from walking to jumping jack to skipping rope gives you a good amount of calorie burn.

This is a great form of exercise for weight loss.

These are few exercises that help to get a good burn and calorie expenditure thus helping in weight loss. 

Quick Tips to be used in Weight Loss:

Besides the above you could follow, this tips to lose weight fast-

1. Creating a healthy lifestyle-  

Weight loss is not a short term goal it is a long term activity,

And needs to be performed sustainably to maintain a healthy weight and better lifestyle keeping diseases at bay.

Hence keeping it simple and doable is most important.

Creating healthy habits and following it with utmost care and discipline is key to successful weight loss. 

2. Making it Fun-  

Weight loss is something you are doing for your betterment and it is not a punishment.

So make it fun by practicing different forms of exercises such as Zumba or maybe dance adding music.

And beats to the exercise helps you enjoy it and in turn lose more calories.

You can even involve your family members or friends and can achieve a healthy weight loss goal together.

You can plan activities such as trekking, playing sports, and make it enjoyable. 

3. Keeping food and activity journal-  

Writing things down makes you more accountable.

Hence making a food and activity journal could be beneficial as it helps you remain on track and by writing what you have eaten,

And how active you have been you can improve and understand calorie management better.

4. Practice Portion Control-  

Portion Control is as important in weight loss as the food we eat.

Having healthy food in excess quantities can also wash away the benefits of healthy eating.

Hence one should be mindful of the quantity of food.

5. Eat whole foods-  

The body converts food into energy and higher the glycemic index of food lower is the time in which it gets converted into energy,

Hence eating whole foods such as whole grains such as jowar, ragi, bajra is recommended as the body takes time to digest food,

And helps to feel fuller for a long time.

6. Eat fiber rich foods as useful Tips in Weight Loss

Fiber helps to keep a person full for a long period of time hence having fiber-rich foods boosts weight loss.

Consuming soups, salads before meals help you to feel fuller,

Besides having fruits and nuts in between meals is also a good habit to start with.

Note: Eat whole fruits and do not juice them up. 

7. Be more active-  

Whether it is walking your dog or carrying shopping bags.

Take all excuses to be more active as it helps increase the calorie burn.

Walking while talking on the phone, or parking your car a little away you can use all opportunities to be more active.

8. Stand often-  

Standing for yourself or standing in a queue,

Standing is always beneficial hence you should aim for standing at least for 3 minutes after sitting for 30 minutes. 

9. Measure-  

Measure your body weight at least once a week and keep track of your inches.

As sometimes even if you don’t lose weight, There is inch loss.

So even if you don’t lose weight don’t worry the inch loss suggests healthy weight loss.

 10. Be alert-  

Be alert of what you eat as it is said once on your lips forever on your hips, so be alert in what you eat,

For an example- if you go to a wedding try having more of salads and fresh fruits instead of deep-fried and sweets

11. Include Cheat meal-  

Indulging in things you like gives body sense of satiety hence once in a while you should consume things you like.

But it should be only one meal in a day and for the rest of the day, you should follow a healthy diet. 

 12. Reward yourself as useful Tips in Weight Loss-  

Reward yourself the dress you are eyeing on for a long time or that iPad you have dreamt off,

And small little rewards for every kg you lose or for achieving a target you had set.

13. Be consistent as useful Tips in Weight Loss-

Being consistent is a key to everything in life,

Weight loss is one such thing. Be consistent in your diet and exercise,

Even if you lose track but remain consistent and don’t go on any guilt trip.

It is ok to lose the wagon sometimes but it is important to be motivated and positive.

Weight Loss of Overweight and Tips:

Weight loss is good though, but you should ultimately aim for fat loss as when you lose weight.

As our bodies consist of fat, muscles, and water.and bone mass. 

When you lose weight you start losing the water weight from your body,

Or the body starts burning muscle for energy hence our ultimate focus should be on fat loss rather than weight loss. 

For proper fat loss, you should work out regularly,

Besides, have enough protein to maintain a balance between cardio and strength training,

Have complex carbohydrates such as jowar, bajra, ragi, etc. 

Key Takeaways-

  • Weight loss is a slow and steady process, which has to be done in a sustainable way.
  • For weight loss, your calorie output should be more than the input
  • Focusing on proper nutrition is must
  • Weight loss is a discipline and should be followed 
  • Fat loss is the ultimate aim, hence don’t worry if you are not losing weight and losing inches
  • Consult a doctor or an expert before starting any diet program
  • Be positive and consistent 

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